Glenpark and Teams Medical Practice Proposed Merger

Glenpark Medical Practice (GMP) and Teams Medical Practice (TMP) propose joining together to form one larger practice. 
This will ensure that both practices are secure and can continue providing high-quality services to the local community. We hope this merger will take place on 1st July 2024. 
Links to this information will be sent to all Glenpark and Teams patients who have consented to receive text messages, with paper copies being posted or emailed to households whom we cannot text. If you live with anyone who is also a patient of Glenpark or Teams, please share this information with them. 

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It will remain business as usual for our patients

Our top priority is to provide high-quality primary care services to patients. We intend to continue to provide medical services from both sites, with no plans to change opening times at either location. 

Naturally, there will be lots of work behind the scenes, particularly combining and improving the systems and services operating at both practices. This will include looking at how patients contact both practices.  

We will work closely with our practice patient groups to ensure that any changes meet the needs of all our patients. We will let patients know of any changes before they take place. 

Merging will increase choice for our patients and allow us to adopt modern ways of working
  1. More choice for patients 
    Long-term goal: Patients can choose any site for their convenience. 
  1. More GPs and Nurses available to patients 
    All our GPs and nurses have special interests and additional skills. A bigger clinical team means more options for patients. 
  1. Modern ways of working 
    NHS England’s priority over the next 18 months is for all GP practices to move to ‘modern ways of working’, which means simpler access to healthcare online and over the phone. 
  1. A sustainable, integrated Practice 
    Some of the challenges of General Practice become easier as part of a bigger practice – that’s why we’ve seen the size of GP practices increase in recent years. Shared resources, economies of scale, better resilience and integrated systems help build sustainability. 
Merging is an exciting opportunity to create a sustainable long-term primary health that will benefit all our patients

The NHS, in particular General Practice, is under increasing pressure. In these difficult times we need to look at innovative ways to provide high quality care for our patients and new ways of working at scale, to be sustainable and able to adapt to funding constraints. The partners at Glenpark and Teams share similar values and are geographically very close, with overlapping practice boundaries. After several months of careful consideration, we are excited to announce that we have decided to merge, to be one partnership whilst still retaining the two surgery sites.  

This is an exciting opportunity which will help to create a stable partnership and sustainable, long-term primary health care. 

Subject to approval from North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB), the new Partnership would run services from both existing sites (Glenpark and Teams). 

We want to hear the views of our patients and stakeholders on how we can use this opportunity to develop our services and of any concerns that merging might create

We are clear that a merger is the best way forward, and we want to ensure patients at both practices are fully informed and can have their questions or concerns answered. 

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